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Why Your Business Needs A Video

Better & Faster Delivery

A video allows you to say more in a smaller amount of time. If a picture is a worth a thousand words, imagine what 29 pictures a second can say. With the right light, camera movement, music, and narration, you can place the viewers right  in th middle of your services, or right in front of your product.

There is More than Commercials

Videos can do more than simply reach a new audience. Videos make a great tool for your sales department to answer frequently asked questions, and as a supplement to show customers why you are a better choice than your competition. Videos can be a great tool to help raise money for non-profits and causes, and assuring potential investors. They can even be a great way to connect with current customers by sharing what you do, and how you do it. They can showcase services some customers did’t know you had. They can even be used for orientating new employees, or just as a thank you to current employees and customers.


With digital media and the internet, it has never been cheaper to produce high quality videos for thousands to see. There is no  spending thousands for a 30 second slot on TV. You pay our affordable rate, and you will have as much time as you need to tell your story, and you can stream it for free on your website, and you can easily reach thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, or link your videos to more affordable internet ads.

Reach More People

These days we are bombarded by ads all over, so if you don’t get someone’s interest right away, they may find another site, and another company. A video is the best way  to grab someone’s attention. Videos are also more likely to be shared with others. If you show the unique side of your company, the strange happenings that started it all, or the particular process that makes you different, that is interesting to people, and not only will that stay with them, but they might just go and show their friends too.

Place Your Company On The Cutting Edge

Using cutting edge media platforms to share your story, is not only a compelling way to connect with customers, but it shows them that your company is innovative, progressive, and ahead of your competition. Sleek logos, social media, and multimedia websites are all ways to demonstrate that your company is not complacent, and is willing to move forward, and is constantly striving to make itself better.

Web Videos Are Not restricted By Time or Place

Videos on the web will exists there, as long as you want them to. There is no expiration on when they will air, or limit to how long you want to make them. This means potential customers could find your video at all hours, and on any day. Television commercials, are going to be shown to a certain audience that is watching that programming, and to a certain area where that programming is being broadcasted. Videos on the web can potentially be seen by  any number of demographics that are browsing the web, and since the web knows no borders, your videos can reach locations far beyond the limits of your local television station.

Key Features

Tomekin Services


Tomekin can create stylish promotional videos to help reach new customers.  We can create videos to help your sales agents demonstrate your company’s capabilities. Help share your history and process to customers on in-house monitors and websites. We can even create tutorial videos, and orientation videos.   

Still Photography

Tomekin does more than just videos. We have all the equipment for still photographs as well. Wedding photos, senior pictures, or even if you just want to showcase your product and menu items, we can help you out.


Kickstarter, Crowd-sourcing, and fundraising. If you are a non-profit looking to raise money for a great cause, or a  small business looking for investors to help  get your latest idea off the ground, Tomekin can do the work for you. We will do all the leg work, from incentives, to the website and the campaign video. We feel so confident in our ability to help raise money, you only have to pay us for our services when we reach your goal. 

Video Format & Platform

We can accommodate to any format you need, and on any platform you think best fits your company’s story. From TV commercials, to websites, to in store monitors, we will help you choose what length and format is best for you. We can even transfer your old content and home videos to digital if you would like.

Logo & Graphic Design

If you need help rebranding, designing a logo, banner or poster. We have all the tools and contacts to create and print them for you. We do all of our own graphics in our videos too, so it saves you money by not having to outsource them.

Flexible Scheduling & Prompt Deadlines

Producing a video can be a complicated endeavor, and we don’t want our production to slow your business while we film. So we can work around your schedule. Early mornings, weekends, and even in the middle of the night if need be. We will find a way to make it work at your company’s convenience. We also set hard and fast deadlines, so that you can get the video you need, so you can see fast results.  

The Storytellers

The artists that will help craft your story

Johnny Gagnon Jr

President, Director, Photographer

Johnny started Tomekin with a mission statement that states his goal in helping to promote businesses that not only create a good product, but that share in his values, and help benefit the community. He has maintained this promise, and has worked with amazing local businesses, artists, and organizations.

Nick Giammarino

Vice-President, developer, designer, production assistant

Nick and Johnny have been making videos and films together for almost twenty years now. They have come a long way from the hand held camcorder they used back then.

Joe Johnson

Sound Director, Audio Engineer, Production Assistant

Joe loves the audio and film industry, and enjoys audio recording, mixing, and editing for music and film.

Brett Gramse

Music Coordinator, Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Project manager

Brett is one of the most versatile members on the team.He specializes in music, but lends a hand in writing, and project design as well.

We are an energetic and creative team. Come make something with us.

Creative Ideas

We believe in being different. That means we don’t copy what other people are doing, we take what are other people are doing and build from it, improve on it, to stand out, and to do it better. That means being creative and finding that great idea.

Design Your Concept

Nobody knows your business like you do, that is why we encourage our clients to participate in the production process as much as possible. We want to tell your story, not our story about you.

Develop Everything

Almost everything at Tomekin is done in house. Video,  photography, graphics, animations, sound, voice over, even music. We have the capabilities of creating it all here. By doing this we save you money, and everything we do is specific to your needs.

Your Stamp of Approval

We work until we have your final approval. So if there is a trade secret, or a process you aren’t comfortable with showing, we get that. We will make sure only what you want in the video, ends up in the final product.

Take a look at our portfolio. It is designed to not only show you a sample of our work, but to be enjoyed as well. Film and photography is more than our work, it is our play, it is our passion.


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